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Securing Europe's metals and minerals supply

Get involved in MINEX Europe, the premier international forum dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of primary materials to support the security of Europe’s industrial supply chains and boost mineral exploration. By engaging with industry leaders and policymakers, you can play an active role in shaping the future of responsible mineral extraction across the continent.


Promote mining Renaissance in Europe

We promote and showcase key projects in Europe focused on the discovery, extraction, and processing of primary materials.

Share best practices in sustainable mining and mineral exploration

We establish an inclusive exchange of best practices and technologies to secure sustainable exploration, extraction and processing of metals and minerals in Europe.

Foster connections from mine to market to enhance stronger and robust European industry

We facilitate the development of supply chains by connecting end-users with the European mining and extractive companies.

Advocate the role of mining as the foundation of Green Energy Transition

We advocate for broader recognition of the mining and mineral exploration sectors as fundamental pillars of Europe's economic stability and path towards a sustainable, environmentally conscious future.


Participate in discussions, contribute your expertise, and help shape the future of sustainable mining in Europe.

Please note that presentations containing demonstrations of products, services or profit-making companies are considered commercial. Charges will apply. Please review the presentation terms.

If you propose to present a white paper or case study without commercial content, we may waive presentation and/or admission charges.

Please be aware that MINEX Forum cannot sponsor or reimburse speakers’ travel or research expenses. For any questions, please contact us via

Submit speaker application before 1 September


Sponsoring MINEX Europe positions your company as a leading stakeholder in the industry.

Sponsoring MINEX Europe guarantees that your company will be positioned as a leading industry stakeholder, maximise exposure, reach your target audience, and secure a speaking opportunity during the Forum.

Various sponsorship packages are available, including onsite brand promotion and pre- and post-event communication campaigns. Sponsorship also covers session hosting, speaking slots, and networking events. Personalised packages are available to provide a cost-effective way to reach existing or new clients. Request sponsorship terms for more details.

Request sponsorship terms


Increase your visibility at the event and gain new clients

The Mining Trade & Investment Exhibition, held within the framework of the Forum, enhances opportunities for business engagement and promotion of technologies offered by national and international companies.

Secure a display area for your roll-up or pop-up exhibition stand in the foyer adjacent to the conference room to showcase your products and services. This allows direct demonstration to Forum participants and the potential to secure new deals.

Register before 15 July to save up to €500


As a delegate, you will participate in interactive sessions and discussions, meeting and exchanging with industry peers relevant to you and your company.

Networking breaks, an evening reception, and a Gala dinner will enhance opportunities to engage with speakers, exhibitors, and other delegates.

The event web application allows you to view participant profiles, exchange digital business cards, and schedule meetings before or during the Forum

Register before 15 July to save €150


We are open to partnerships with NGOs, mining media, ministries, and intergovernmental organisations.

If you want to engage as a Media, Dissemination, or Knowledge partner, please submit your proposal.

Submit your proposal before 15 July