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Contribute to the Vibrant Europe Mining Renaissance Forum

Lend your voice and expertise to the ongoing dialogue on European sustainable mining. By engaging with industry leaders and policymakers, you can play an active role in shaping the future of responsible mineral extraction across the continent.

Presentation options

Option 1

Corporate presentation or Pitch-up

Apply before 15 July – €1300 

Apply after 15 July – €1500 

Option 2

Non-commercial presentation

Business rate:

Before 15 July 2024: €600
After 15 July 2024: €750

Academic* / Micro business** rates:

Before 15 July 2024: €300
After 15 July 2024: €375

Option 3

Non-commercial presentation or participation in a panel discussion

Terms for non-commercial presentations and talks by guest speakers vary.  Speakers presenting on behalf of profit-making companies are expected to pay admission fees unless agreed otherwise.

What is included in a speaker or panelist package?

Additional Options

Apply hereApply here
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What are the terms?

Unless agreed otherwise, speakers are expected to pay an admission fee to attend the Forum.

Which speakers are offered complimentary guest passes?

  • Speakers or Panellists presenting on behalf of a Sponsor or Partner of the Forum.
  • Buy-side investors and Multilateral Financial Institutions.
  • Representatives of National and International Government organisations.
  • Speakers are invited to present as guests.
  • Please be aware that MINEX Forum cannot sponsor or reimburse speakers’ travel or research expenses.

For any questions, please contact us via

Can I present remotely?

Speakers are expected to present in person. An exception may apply to speakers who are not able to attend personally and cannot find a substitute.

What are my options if I am not able to present in-person or remotely?

If the speaker is not able to travel to present at the Forum, the programming committee might allow them to play the video recording of the presentation during the Forum.

How can I register substitute speaker?

A substitute speaker is expected to submit the speaker application form.

Why do I need to pay for presenting?

We don’t have deep pockets and don’t have other financial sources (e.g. gold mine or two 😊). It costs a lot of money to organise events. The Forum is mostly funded by fees from commercial profit-driven organisations. We consider it fair to expect that companies presenting their projects, services or products should pay the “advertising” fee in addition to the Forum admission fees.  Speakers presenting non-commercial talk on behalf of profit-driven organisations are charged admission fees only.

I am presenting a non-commercial talk or taking part in a panel discussion. Do I still have pay?

Unless agreed otherwise or in cases when speakers are representing on behalf of a sponsor or a partner of the Forum, they are expected to pay an admission fee to attend the Forum and other sessions (they are not presenting on), as well as lunches and networking events.

Are you able to cover my expenses?

The Forum Secretariat cannot reimburse travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred by presenters.


for speakers presenting slides
  • Submit speaker application before 1 September.
  • Confirm participation in the Forum. See the terms above.
  • Submit presentation slides in PPTX or PPT widescreen 16:9 size before 15 October.
  • Introduction to moderators and other speakers. Around 15 October.