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The 8th MINEX Europe Forum 

“Securing Europe’s metals and minerals supply”

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Why Renaissance of Mining in Europe matter?

The revitalisation of mining and mineral exploration in Europe has become a hotly debated topic since the escalation of trade disputes with China and the disruption of supply of critical raw materials and energy sources from Russia and Ukraine. The future of the green transition, climate change and the competitiveness of industries from automotive to energy depend on securing essential minerals and metals.

Critical decisions

This legislation, combined with the EU's Green Transition Act, is perceived as a catalyst for Europe's Mining Renaissance. In addition to efforts from central governments, synergy between national governments, local authorities and communities is essential to put these acts into motion.

Synergies required

This legislation, combined with the EU's Green Transition Act, is perceived as a catalyst for Europe's Mining Renaissance. In addition to efforts from central governments, synergy between national governments, local authorities and communities is essential to put these acts into motion.

Agendas not aligned

The realities of the proposed reinvigoration of the European mining industry differ from one region to another. While Nordic countries, including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Greenland, are actively enacting mining development plans, their counterparts in Southern, Eastern and Central European countries are struggling to source financial, social and political capital to support existing and new mining projects.

To mine or not ...?

Furthermore, some countries with the century-old mining traditions are concentrating their efforts on closing lignite coal, uranium and PGM mining and focusing on retraining former miners and economic diversification of the historically active mining regions.


MINEX Europe 2024 ambitions

Breaking through the “bubble of silence” that often surrounds these sensitive issues and politicised decisions is one of the major objectives of the 8th MINEX Europe Forum, taking place in Prague on 22-23 October. Based on our previous events held across Western Balkans and Central Europe, we believe that the Forum will provide an unbiased platform for an urgently needed professional and open-minded discussion on the current challenges and potential solutions for the mining and mineral exploration sector and its role in securing Europe’s requirements for essential metals and minerals while introducing the highest standards in mining and post-mining reconciliation.

The 8th MINEX Europe Forum will be held on the 22 and 23 October in Prague featuring the two-day conference programme with over 60 speaker presentations and panel discussions. On 24 October the Forum participants will be offered an opportunity to visit one of the regions near Prague and to learn from the experiences of the Czech Government programme on post-mining reconciliation.

Briefly about


Established in 2015, the MINEX Europe Forum is a prominent international event concentrating on primary materials development and the shift renewable energy sources and reaching net zero targets. With the previous editions held in Austria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Poland, the Forum has stimulated cross-border dialogue on sustainable mining practices and developing projects spanning Southern, Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe. 

The Forum assembles delegates from mining, technology, investment, and policy-making organisations, facilitating crucial discussions on sourcing primary raw materials sustainably to meet European industrial demands. It also examines the implications of key policies such as the European Critical Raw Materials Act, Just Transition, Green Deal and coal phase-out on the mining industry’s future. 



  • Green Transition: A catalyst for Europe’s mining Renaissance 
  • Driving Europe’s Raw Materials Independence: Leveraging Local Resources and Trusted Partnerships. 
  • Revitalising Mining in Europe. What needs to be done and…. fast?   
  • Carbon neutral steel making in Europe. Changing the raw materials and power-mix landscapes. 
  • Exploring, Extracting, and Processing Minerals in Europe: Case Studies, Innovative Technologies, and Regulatory Frameworks. 
  • Sustainable mining and post mining reconciliation. A Balanced Approach to Resource Extraction.  
  • Bridging the gap between miners and financiers. Realities and opportunities of speeding up funding of raw materials projects in Europe.  
  • Smart mining. From mine to market, Industry 4.0 and innovative technologies.  
  • From lignite to green energy. Transforming the lignite-fired Matra Power Generators into  renewable energy clusters. 
  • Phasing out coal in Europe. A comprehensive dialogue on the transition and restructuring the economy of post-coal mining regions. 



MINEX Europe is one of the pioneer events established in 2015 with the aim of meeting in one place the entire value chain of European mining industry. Are working for or managing one of the below mentioned organisationsThen, most likely, you will find yourself “at home” at MINEX Europe Forum. 

Major or Junior mining company active in Europe 

Mining Engineering & Mineral Exploration consultant  

Law Firm with the Mining and Metals practices 

Mining & Metals Finance provider active in EMEA regions 

Supply chain manager responsible for procurement of metals and minerals   

Academic, Research or Innovation organisation developing technology or service for Extractive and Processing Industries 

Investment company looking for acquisition and investment in Europe Company specialised in Mineral & Metals Processing and Recycling

Mining Equipment and Technology producer looking for new customers 

Senior government official, regulator or geological survey  


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